1. #thinkyouhadabadday?


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  2. Concrete lovin!!

    Concrete lovin!!

  3. Umbrellas Street, Portugal

    Umbrellas Street, Portugal

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  4. Minghao Dong | on Tumblr (b.1983, China/France)

    Minghao Dong was born in Inner Mongolia, China. Graduated from University of Dalian in 2008, Minghao works predominantly in the medium of painting but also engravings and installations. Gerard Richter has been the greatest influence. This new series of paintings is a reflection of the artist pondering on the properties of human, life and death in a time characterized by impatience, fragments, nihility, and a duality of highly developed civilization and disorder. Minghao Dong has had solo exhibitions in Dalian at Tianyi Gallery, and has participated several group exhibitions in China. He lives and works in Paris since 2009.

    © All images courtesy of the artist

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  5. Test Print (Nozzle Check) by Palladinosaur 

    Test Print (Nozzle Check) by Palladinosaur 

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  7. Susan Hashtag, Oh No She Didion’t, and Other Punny Illustrations of Cultural Icons

  8. Architectus from Australia

  9. Alice Channer.

  10. Asylums, by Richard Kolker

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  12. I have a mighty need.

  13. No one minds that they prefer cuddling.

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  14. danger


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